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Zoning and Planning Policy Research Papers

A common assignment on Zoning and Planning Policy is as follows:

Thesis statement:

Zoning and planning policy has a direct impact on areas that face significant risk due to their geographic characteristics. Properly applied policies have demonstrated a mitigating effect when disaster strikes.

The paper should have 5 focus areas:

  1. Riverine flooding (likely use Midwest)
  2. Coastal flooding - two subsections:
    (a) - Hurricane damage; note that hurricane damage is due to both storm surge and wind driven rain; use Florida for this case study
    (b) - Tsunami
  3. Earthquake zones (California)
  4. Areas prone to mud slide (California)
  5. Areas prone to tornados (tornado alley)

Each focus area should be a case study which looks at:

  1. Before and after effects of zoning and planning policy on a specific area.
  2. Demonstrates the effectiveness of good policy, or the failure of poor policy.
  3. Essentially, an area has a disaster, it recovers, a new policy is either put in place or none is, and the results of a second disaster demonstrate the results.

items of interest to consider:

  1. 100 year flood plain (and how up-to-date those told are in providing planners accurate data to work from).
  2. Building codes.
  3. When policies are implemented, are they followed? how strictly are they enforced and is this a factor?

Overview of Natural Disasters:

Mother nature is known to be both beautiful and cruel. Capable of producing some of the most spectacular sights—such as the lightning patterns that illuminate up the sky on a stormy summer evening—nature is also capable of unbelievable destruction—such as that witnessed through tornadoes, hurricanes and tropical storms. Despite the fact that nature can be both kind and cruel, science has taken to observing nature through a quantitative lens. As such, researchers have been able to uncover some of nature’s most profound mysteries. Questions such as, “What cases a tornado?” and “How is lightening formed?” are just a few of nature’s mysteries that science has unlocked

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