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Yves Saint Laurent

"This research paper requires examination and analysis of a fashion orginal organization's strategic marketing plan." This paper will be on Yves Saint Laurent. "You must critique its marketing efforts. Research must come from: annual reports, articles, newsletters. Resources must be documneted using MLA format."

Yves Saint Laurent Research Paper should contain:

  1. Background and history of the organization and how it is legally organized, annual sales volume, and the types of product lines or services produced.Yves Saint Laurent
  2. Conduct a SWOT analysis (internaland external strengths and weaknesses, external opportunities, external threats analysis for this organization.
  3. Discuss the marketing objectives of this organization . This is what the organization ia trying to accomplish through their marketing efforts.
  4. Discuss the organization's marketing mix strategy. Product, Price, Place & Promotion together make up the marketing mix. Be certain to identify the target market strategy, and include a thorough discusiion of the four p's (mentioned above) for the organization.
  5. Select three of the organization's fashion products and trace each product's life cycle. You will need to give a little history on each of the product's before discussing which stage of the fashion cycle they are in. For example, if the product you elect is a newer product, identify its fashion life cycle stage and what the company is doing to keep it successful in the marketplace. (Hint: This section requires you to comment on the growth, maturity or decline of each product.)
  6. Summarize your findings and suggest change in the marketing strategy for the organization. Your objective should be to keep the organization competitively positioned.


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