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Youth Violence

Research Papers in the fields of psychology and sociology attempt to uncover the roots of youth violence by examining variables thought to be risk factors for violent behavior, and by studying violent behavior in the context of the individual and the social environment that produces it. Past research papers may not have focused extensively on risk factors within the school, and that may provide an area for further study.

Youth Violence

However, a good research paper will note that risk factors for violent behaviors stem from a number of sources, including personality traits and physical and mental health, biophysiological factors such as brain or neurological injuries, hormonal imbalances, perhaps genetic factors, and from family, peer, school, community and neighborhood influences. Research papers from these and other fields has produced evidence of correlations between aggressive violent behaviors and child neglect and abuse, and has established that protective factors include a functioning family, community stability, a lack of poverty, good physical and mental health, positive peer relationships, and healthy child-rearing practices, among others.

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