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Youth Violence and Crime

According to a 1994 youth violence research paper, every year, young people are arrested for an average of 3,000 murders, 6,000 forcible rape cases, 41,000 robberies, and 65,000 aggravated assaults.  He notes that arrests for juvenile violent crimes grew steadily between the mid 1960’s and the mid 1970’s.  Arrests then leveled off for about fifteen years.  Since the late 1980’s, the arrest rate has been increasing steadily (Surette, 1994).  Studies in many term papers have explored causes of youth violence.  A sampling of explored factors, according to one youth violence term paper that sites the book Crime and Human Nature, includes: “constitutional, developmental, and social-context factors including gender, age, intelligence, personality, psychopathology, broken and abusive families, schools, community, labor markets, alcohol and heroin, and history and culture”.  Today’s youth are, “bereft of guidance and safe passage to adulthood, (and) increasingly cast adrift to define themselves in a hostile world”. 

Youth Violence and Crime

In truth, little research has been conducted on the impact of growing up in a violent environment, and how much it plays a role in a violent adolescence or adulthood.  According to one youth violence research paper, researchers in the late 1990’s are focusing on what people do and the choices they make within the parameters of their existence.  As he states, “young people, in particular, are noted, on one hand, for their malleability and capacity to adapt in novel ways to their environment, but they have also been recognized as possessing the ability to alter the status quo”.  In your youth violence research paper, the Youth Violence of cultural influences on youth violence is explored by discussing factors that cause, support and condemn aggressive behavior in young people.

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