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Youth Gangs

Youth Gangs research papers point out that the 2000 census shows an America that is factionalized and polarized more even as it becomes more diversified. One aspect of the polarization of America that lies along the lines of race, age, gender, and location is that of youth gangs. Of the many youth gangs that have sprouted across America, the gang known as Bloods, along with the many off-shoots (veins?) of the Bloods, typify youth gang existence.

Youth Gangs

As a youth gang, the Bloods’ ages typically range from twelve to nineteen.  As an East Coast gang, the Bloods are based in New York City, though the Bloods are now found nationwide. The Bloods are divided into two main gender factions – the male Bloods and their female counterparts – the Bloodettes. Combined, their base of operations is in the Bronx in an area they call the United Blood Nation. However, the Blood’s criminal interest has grown to span America. 

Though gangs have been in and around cities since cities existed, the Bloods can be traced back to 1992 with its founder. Godfather Omar (OG Mack) Portee, “...who was originally from the West Coast, founded the Bloods while imprisoned on Rikers Island in 1993”. From the original gang, the Bloods branched off as well as assimilated other, smaller gangs into its membership. Among the gangs that sprang up from the Bloods are those such as the Bloodstone Villains, Tregansta, the Bloodettes, and One-Eight Trey.

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