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The Yellow Wallpaper

Analyze this short story using Setting as the basis of your research paper.

Setting: Is the natural, manufactured, political, cultural, and temporal environment, including everything that characters know, own, and otherwise experience. The Yellow WallpaperIt also includes description of places, objects, and backgrounds. Right from the start of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's story The Yellow Wallpaper, the reader gets the sense that things are not right with the woman narrator. The reader gets the vague but unmistakable feeling that she is unsettled mentally. It takes awhile before the reader learns that the woman narrator is in fact psychotic. Gilman's literary skill in this story is revealing bit by bit in its development the depths of the woman's mental unbalance.

The reader also soon sees that the woman's relationship with her husband is not right either. This does not seem as serious a circumstance as the woman's unsettled mental state. The two circumstances of her mental unbalance and the imbalance in her relationship with her husband are not inter-related or explored by Gilman. The literature research paper, however, assumes there is some relationship between them because of the woman's mention of her husband's perspective toward her early in the story.

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