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How to Write Lesson Plans

When writing lesson plans, there are a few elements to consider in the process. First, one must consider the goal: by identifying where students should be at the completion of the lesson, teachers can ensure that they are crafting a process by which this goal can be accomplished. To this end, objectives of the lesson should be clearly specified, ensuring they are measurable. These should then be incorporated into the lesson in a logical order, allowing the accomplishment of one objective to evolve into the next, and so on. Throughout the process, instructors should ensure they are realistic in the amount of time it will take to accomplish these goals. How to Write Lesson PlansBy maintaining a sense of time, they can ensure that students will not feel rushed and that the benchmarks are being met appropriately.

The bulk of the lesson plan should essentially be a series of instructions to be followed to help students achieve a series of goals. Whether these instructions are centered on the delivery of a lecture or the completion of a hands-on activity with students, a well-crafted lesson plan should have the ability to be picked up and delivered by any instructor with minimal preparation. As each activity is completed or each objective is accomplished, there should be a check for understanding. This can take the form of a simple informal question and answer period with students or can be a more rigorous assessment in the form of exam or research paper. By checking for understanding throughout the lesson, instructors can avoid the challenges associated with students getting lost along the way. A well-crafted lesson plan is specific, measurable, and maintains a sense of appropriateness with regards to completion time. Such factors are the hallmarks of a successful lesson and, as such, a successful teacher.

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