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World Politics Research Papers

The world is an increasingly interconnected place, not just through technology but through the interaction between nations. If you have a political science or international politics research paper due on world politics, have the writers at Paper Masters custom write your research on any aspect of international or world politics.

World politics is an increasingly vital process whereby nations can interact and hopefully reduce conflict. In today’s world the United Nations is the largest body of international cooperation, a forum for world politics founded in the wake of World War II.

World PoliticsModern world politics are often defined in terms of agreed-upon values. Issues such as the following affect world politics at every level:

These international issues have risen to the forefront of discussion between nations. Others maintain that the rise of globalization is increasingly making nation states irrelevant in world politics. This is a sharp reversal from most of human history, during which world politics was characterized by smaller groups, first based on religion, and then in the development of nation states in the early modern era.

Indeed, the birth of world politics is often traced to the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, the treaty that ended the Thirty Years’ War. This was the final political settlement that replaced the hegemony of the Roman Catholic Church in Europe with the collection of empires that recognized no higher authority. World politics since then has been characterized by the interaction between states. Today, with the rise of international corporations, multi-state agreements (such as the European Union) and other transnational actors, the world may indeed be moving into a new era of world politics.

Example of a Research Paper Topic on World Politics

A study in world or international politics for a reseasrch paper may want to present a comparative analysis of the foreign policies of two nations. For example, you could choose the nations of Nicaragua and Central America. Focusing on the temporally overlapping Sandinista era in Nicaragua (1979-1990) and Noriega era in Panama (1983-1989), the study may show that despite radical historical and contemporary differences in the two countries’ foreign policies, both were ultimately compelled along remarkably similar courses. In doing so, the study demonstrates the importance of hegemony as a concept for advancing the debates over issues of sovereignty in world politics. The study reveals that the de facto sovereignty of smaller nations is severely curtailed when they are confronted with a powerful hegemon, in both cases, the United States. Although the concept of hegemony has been applied primarily to economic analyses, the study demonstrates the utility of this concept for analyzing the political and military dimensions of interstate relationships.

As such, the case studies suggest that hegemony is rather more complex than the conventional Marxist and economics-centered perspectives would indicate. U.S. intervention in Sandinista Nicaragua appears to have been driven, at least in part, by a desire to beat back a perceived threat to the U.S. model of domestic and international economic relations. Yet the comparisons and contrasts with Panama demonstrate that numerous other variables are also involved in hegemonic situations. The case studies demonstrate the extreme limitations imposed on smaller nations when they confront powerful hegemons, regardless of the nature of that confrontation. Despite the radical historical differences in Nicaraguan and Panamanian relationships with the United States, and despite the radically different foreign policy goals of the FSLN and Manuel Noriega, both regimes saw their chances of advancing new policies severely limited by the intervention of the powerful hegemon.

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