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World History Research Papers

World History Research Papers involve an incredible amount of information. Sometimes students can be overwhelmed with so much information that they cannot whittle it down to a concise topic for a research paper. Paper Masters offers many world history topics to choose from in order to help students get started with a research paper. Topics ranging from Major Historical Eras, to World Wars to an individual Country's history, Paper Masters helps write great college research papers in world history.

World History Research Paper Topics

Major Historical Eras - Overviews major historical eras such as the Dark Ages, 20th Century European History, The Bronze Age and other importance ages of historical significance.

Country All Over the World - The major countries of the world are examined in light of their history.

Major Wars in World History - Major wars in world history are overviewed with topic suggestions on every war from the French Revolution to Gulf War.

General History Research Paper Topics - General world history topics are suggested, such as: The explorer Megellen, various peace treaties, the role of women in world history and more.

Major Historical Eras

13th Century - 13th Century term papers discuss the turbulent times in the Catholic Church as the world emerged out of the Dark Ages.

19th Century - 19th Century research paper discuss the modern era, the birth of industrialism and much more.

20th Century European History - Twentieth Century European History Research Paper steps into the devastation that occurred in the European nations as a result of World War II.

Bronze Age - Bronze Age research papers overview the advances in society and in Ancient Egypt.

Bubonic Plague - Bubonic Plague Research Paper delves into the causes of this horrible disease that killed many of Europe and Asia's population in the fourteenth century.

Golden Age of Piracy - Book reports on The Golden Age of Piracy, by Hugh F. Rankin, report that the book is a 173-page study of piracy in the New World from the 1630s to the 1720s.

The Golden Age in Western Civilization - The Golden Age Research Paper delves into the important role of Western Civilization.

Middle Ages - The Middle Ages research paper will discuss the Renaissance and other important events of world history during that era.

Medieval Canon Law - Medieval Canon Law Research Paper explores medieval marriage laws.

Medieval Family Law - Medieval Family Law Research Paper opens up with introduction to laws during that medieval period.

Medieval Geography and Politics - Medieval Geography and Politics Research Paper looks at the different empires that existed during the middle ages, and their leaders.

Middle Ages Peasants - About 90 percent of people living in Europe during the Middle Ages were peasants with few legal rights.

Middle Ages Weapons - Throughout the Middle Ages, weapons were a necessary part of life. In the age of Kings, Queens, and Knights, being able to defend one’s territories against foreign enemies or invaders was essential to survival.

Mongol Empire - Mongol Empire Research Paper discusses the changes that occurred during this period.

Renaissance - Renaissance term papers look at the artists, philosophers and government of the era in which great social changes took place.

Scientific Revolution - The Structure of the Scientific Revolution research papers look at an example of a paper written about the beliefs of Thomas Kuhn and the steps for his process.

Victorian Era - Victorian Era research papers illustrate that the 19th Century was ripe with materialism.

Victorian Life - Throughout the Victorian Era, a person’s life depended on a number of factors, including their wealth, occupation, and social standing.


Countries or Regions

Afghanistan - Afghanistan’s History Research Paper delves into the different people that made up Afghanistan over the years.

Australia - The urbanization of Australia and the Agriculture of Australia are important aspects of Australian history.

Africa - African history research illustrates that Africa is considered a failed continent for a number of reasons, not the least of which is because many African countries have histories of colonization and have been unable to independently establish themselves as major players in world politics or the global economy.

Bosnia - Bosnia term papers can be approached from a political, historical or geographical standpoint.

China - China research papers report that China has been a major force in world history.

Cuba - Country Report on Cuba Research Paper discusses a preview of a paper order placed on Cuba with specific topics that must be discussed.

Cyprus - Cyprus Research Paper looks at one of the oldest countries in the world.

Dominican Republic - Dominican Republic Research Papers goes into the history of this country, the geography, and the economy.

Egypt - A Country with a complex history, both ancient and modern.

Europe - European Colonialism Research Paper deals with the technology advancements that took place.

France - Research paper topics on France and the French role in World History.

Germany - Germany research papers discuss the role of the country in world wars and political events.

Greece/Greek History - Geography had profound impacts on Greek History. Learn more about the Greeks and their colorful history.

Ireland - Irish History and their turbulent past.

Jamaica History - The history of Jamaica is violent and bloody, and not in the romantic buccaneer tradition. Slavery and revolt, racial struggle and economic disaster have left a legacy that Jamaicans must still cope with.

Japan - History of Japan is overviewed with a focus on Singapore and its government.

Middle East - The Long and Rich Middle Eastern History makes for great research paper topics ideas from Paper Masters.

Nicaragua - Nicaragua Research Paper discusses the political history in this country.

Portugal - Portugal Research Paper delves into the roots of this country, and its expansion.

Roman Republic - This is a research paper on the Roman Republic.

Russia - Russia research discloses the role of the country in World History.

Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia Research Paper discusses the traditions and cultures of this country.

Sierra Leone - Sierra Leone Research Paper looks at this country in Africa and its physical characteristics.

Solomon Islands - Solomon Islands Research Paper looks at an example of an order placed for a report on the region of the Solomon Islands.

South African History - South African History Research Paper goes into the development of this region, and important events.

South Korea - South Korea Term Paper looks at an example of a paper about the role that the United States had in developing South Korea’s economics and national stability.

Tunisia - Discusses the riots and protests, and what caused them, in Tunisia.



Cold War - Research paper topics on the cold war give students ideas on what to write their own papers on.

French Revolution - French Revolution term papers write about the influences on the Revolution, such as the Enlightenment, Rousseau, Locke and many other philosophers.

Gulf War - Gulf War term papers begin by stating that on August 2, 1990, 100,000 troops from the armed forces of Iraq invaded Kuwait. 

Haitian Revolution - Haitian Revolution Research Paper accounts for the mistreatment of black slaves.

Spanish Civil War - In 1936, civil war broke out in Spain between the loyalist forces (Republican) and the fascist rebels (Nationalist).

Vietnam War - Overviews the Vietnam war and topics that are interesting for college research papers on the war.

World War I - Classic and unique research paper topics on World War I.

World War II - The Second World War presents a plethora of topics that have to do with World War II.


General History Questions

1945 - 1945 Research Papers go into the major events of this year including bombing of Hiroshima. It was considered a year of beginnings and endings.

Aztec Empire - The Aztec empire was of vast size and population (millions) that benefited from a central control. 

Exploitation of Women Across the Ages - Exploitation of Women research papers show how women have been abused for Centuries and analyzes the work of writers like Mary Wollstonecraft.

Ferdinand Magellan - Research papers report that Ferdinand Magellan was the first man to circumnavigate the globe.

Neorealism and Classical Realism - Neorealism and Classical Realism Research Paper looks at a sample of an order placed with specific content guidelines and format for the research project.

Nullification Crisis of 1832 - Nullification Crisis of 1832 Research Papers look into one of the first events in a chain of crises that ultimately lead to the Civil War.

Oslo Accords - Oslo Accords Research Paper discusses the start of the peace in the Middle East.

Panic of 1819 - Panic of 1819 research papers discuss the first major collapse of the American economy that lasted until 1821.

Philistines - Philistines Research Paper explores of the most despised groups in history, and how their civilization began.

Piracy - Piracy has existed for as long as naval transport, as has its slightly more respectable relative, privateering.

Pol Pot - Term papers on Pol Pot report that in 1975, although the people of Cambodia thought Sihanouk was the leader of the Khmer Rouge, they soon learned otherwise.

Roaring Twenties - Roaring Twenties research papers examine the term popularly applied to the decade of the 1920s, characterized by jazz music, speakeasies, flappers, Tin Lizzies, and good times.

Spirit of the Renaissance - Spirit of the Renaissance research papers illustrate the great artists of the Renaissance Era that exemplify what the era represents.

Titanic - Titanic Research Paper delves into Robert Ballard’s search for the ship the Titanic.

The Underdogs - The Underdogs Term Paper discusses a sample of an order placed on writing an argumentative thesis with supporting paragraphs to follow.

Treaty of Ghent - Treaty of Ghent research papers discuss the agreement signed between the United States and Great Britain ending the War of 1812.

Volstead Act - Volstead Act research papers examine the prohibition that outlawed the sale, manufacture and transportation of alcohol in the United States.

Women in Industrialized Societies - Women in Industrialized Societies term papers look at the status of women in industrial nations and the fact that female discrimination is present.

Women in Modern European History - Women in modern European society experienced a series of dramatic changes in their personal lives, their social standing, and their political abilities.