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Women in Politics

A women in politics research paper notes that throughout history, women have played a minimal role in the politics of their community and country in the majority of most civilizations.  Although women have become more and more involved in the political arena, their presence is nowhere near the same as or equal to their role in the maintenance and furtherance of society.  The role of women in politics involves two different issues.  Women in PoliticsThe first issue concerns women as politicians, taking an active part in the creation of legislation and social policy.  The second deals with a political focus on issues that concern the welfare of women.  Combined, these two elements of this process illustrate the necessity of a political voice from women.  The purpose of this women in politics term paper is to review three recent articles that discuss trends of women in politics.

All in all, no one can suggest that women have not accomplished great political achievements in the last decade of the second millennium.  These achievements have been with regard to many areas including becoming political figures and campaigning for various women’s rights.  Unfortunately, progress is slow and difficult.  Often there are many obstacles to this process.  These barriers include male gatekeepers and political machines or institutions that are already in place, appearing insurmountable to most women voters and candidates.  However, as women strive for their place in politics, they are able to make some progress for all women.  

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