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Women in Asian Societies

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Women in Asian societies have long been the underclass and subjected to economic, social, and legal discrimination. Even in the present day, with democracy and human rights changing the world, women frequently find themselves outside the scope of change. Violence against women is so widespread and so ingrained in humanity that some think it can never be eradicated. Women in Asian SocietiesAsia, especially, lags far behind the world in human rights for women where many men think of women as property of the men who have the right to control them and mistreat them in any way they wish. Manderson and Bennett argue that the men of these societies assume that marriage entitles them to sex at will which “both reflects and reinforces cultural constructions of gender inequality”. For example, in Indonesia there are no laws criminalizing domestic violence or marital rape, reinforcing the societal view of women as submissive to their husbands.

Asian societies have historical roots in Islam, with their adat and shariat laws in patriarchal societies that are oppression of women. When the Bolshevik government began to overtake Asia in the1920s, women began to experience life altering changes, with a weakening of male control and subsequent female emancipation. However, since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the rise of extreme Islam, women again began to lose their freedoms. The primary difference this time is that, because of the internet, the world is watching, and woman’s organization are willing to fight to their death for their human rights.

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