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Wikileaks Research Papers

Wikileaks research papers are custom written on one of the most open repositories of information in the world today. Have our writers custom write a research project on the history of Wikileaks, what types of information can be found or on the legal issues involved.

Wikileaks is a relatively new addition to the worldwide press and the reactions to it have been unsurprising. WikileaksWikileaks bills itself as the repository for secret government documents and advocate of public access to information. Governments and powerful interests must keep secrets in order to maintain their status and Wikileaks seeks to destroy those powerful interests.

Wikileaks founder is Julian Assange. Assange is currently attempting to avoid extradition to a country that would allow him to be shipped to the US. The US Department of Justice has detained an Army officer by the name of Bradley Manning. Manning is accused to leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents relating to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US government is attempting to charge both individuals with crimes under US law. The major stumbling block is the fact that what Wikileaks does is legally indistinguishable from investigative journalism. It’s impossible to prosecute Wikileaks without tramping on the First Amendment. Instead, the US government has pressured companies to avoid hosting Wikileaks servers and avoid the processing of donations to the website.

As early as 2008, it became CIA policy to publicly discredit Wikileaks. Routinely, stories would be disseminated about Wikileaks and its reputation tarnished. Accusations of endangering the lives of American troops and our allies are leveled routinely without any evidence.

Recently Wikileaks has begun to work with other major newspapers to disseminate information.

  • Newspapers such as The Guardian, El Pais, Der Speigel and the New York Times have published stories from over 250,000 State department cables leaked to Wikileaks.
  • Wikileaks soon plans a release of a large quantity of information from Bank of America which purports to show a widespread culture of corruption.

Let’s hope Wikileaks is here to stay, clear voices and unbiased truth are needed more than ever these days.

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