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How to Write a White Paper

The writers at Paper Masters can show you how to write what is known as a white paper. White papers are important if you obtain a job in the corporate or governmental sector. Don't get left behind and have Paper Masters show you how to write a white paper that will get you noticed by your peers and superiors.

A white paper is a type of document that addresses a specific topic of interest and generally has a unique type of organization or format, a clear purpose and a distinct audience. In many cases, white papers are associated with the government and can include the following:White Paper

  1. Authoritative reports
  2. Information that is otherwise important to specific governmental audiences
  3. White papers typically address a specific issue or topic
  4. The information collected on that issue or topic delivered to its appropriate audience
  5. The information that is delivered in a white paper is often used by the organization or audience that it is directed at for the purpose of supporting decision-making processes

The White Paper and Marketing

The white paper is especially important in marketing where they are often used to inform specific stakeholders on the results of marketing research and more importantly, to persuade them on how to respond to those results, for example where the best place is to enter a new market or which product or products to lead with in a specific market. The persuasive nature of the white paper is used not only in marketing but also in other areas of business or organization that depend on the delivery of key information for example on how to solve a specific problem, make a necessary change or even how to most effectively proceed with the status quo.

Purpose of a White Paper

The paper is to be written with supporting information to substantiate your position on one of the topics provided to you.  The position paper is an essay that presents an opinion about an issue, typically that of the author.  You must support your paper with facts, supporting documents, research and/or real world practice.

White Papers are commonly used by large organizations in order to make public the official beliefs and recommendations of a group or individual. Commonly, such a document will substantiate the opinions or positions put forward with evidence from an extensive research of topic. White papers lie somewhere between white papers and green papers in that they affirm definite opinions and propose solutions but may not go as far as detailing specific plans for implementation.

You will write about the topic provided and attempt to persuade me to understand your viewpoint and your ideas about the controversial topic. Your position on the paper does not have to be your own position but it has to be substantiated and supported with outside information from credible sources. I would suggest that if you agree or disagree you take the standpoint you can best argue.  The paper must be written and typed in a format reflective of the writing of a collegiate level student.  All information used must be cited correctly and credit given to any person or organization the information taken from.

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