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What’s New with iPhone

Although still the most popular smartphone available, the iPhone has faced increasing competition as rival companies introduce smartphones that emulate many of the applications and communication technologies pioneered by Apple for the iPhone.

What’s New with iPhone

Nevertheless, Apple has rolled out a number of strategies designed to keep the iPhone in front of the pack, not the least of which has been the introduction of the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 is designed to deliver a number of improvements over the iPhone 3 including dual camera capabilities that allow the user to take pictures from the front and the back of the phone. The iPhone 4 also provides improved digital display and allows users to video chat with other iPhone 4 users using the Face Time utility.

Apple has also sought to maintain the iPhone’s penetration in the cellphone market by expanding its relationship with cellphone and wireless service providers to include Verizon. The move by Apple to broaden its carrier base by selling iPhones through Verizon is largely in response to the competition that it faces from rival phones using Google’s Android operating system. The most recent news concerning the iPhone is Apple’s decision to reduce the cost of the iPhone 3GS to one quarter of its original price. Industry experts see the price reduction as a strategy designed to encourage Verizon customers to choose the iPhone over other smartphones made available to subscribers.

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