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What is a Need?

A need is … When a need is aroused, people are motivated to satisfy that need by consuming a want, which is … Maslow hypotheses that human needs have a certain hierarchy and that people have to satisfy their needs starting from the base of the pyramid with physiological needs to be able to move to the upper needs of safety, social, self-esteem and finally self-actualization.

What is a Need?

In Demolition Man, the people underground (they have a name) have to fight for food because they live in demeaning conditions since they are not part of the upper society. From time to time, they go to the city and terrorize civilians with their guns to steel food. (1 paragraph)

Evaluation of the Concept in the Movie: The concept of Maslow hierarchy is clearly depicted in the above scene since we can see that the people underground do not look for self-actualization or self-esteem. The way they dress… They are not accepted by the other members of the society because they do not have the need to fit in. However, they need to satisfy their physiological needs first of all and they are willing to commit unethical acts of steeling … Furthermore, the city governor wants them eliminated and therefore their safety is endangered, hence the weapons for protection and … (This is the most important part – focus on this)

You CANNOT have utilitarian function and knowledge function as two separate concepts (They both fall under the concept of the Functional Approach and you must give an example from the movie for each).

You can have Instrumental Conditioning as a concept with all reinforcement types but you CANNOT have negative reinforcement as one concept and punishment as another concept.

Therefore, be careful when you are choosing your concepts so that you do not loose 20 points for a missing concept. `

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