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Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation is a process where an individual, perhaps with some physical, developmental, or cognitive impairment, is helped to overcome these deficiencies in order to acquire or return to employment. Vocational rehabilitation is often a multi-step process, frequently assisted by state governments, either directly or through approved second-party vendors. Some aspects of vocational rehabilitation allow individuals to overcome or lessen disabilities, while other aspects provide direct training for a career. Vocational Rehabilitation

Levels of vocational rehabilitation may include diagnostic services, such as medical or psychological examinations that allow for a greater understanding of the person’s disability and specific needs for vocational rehabilitation. There is also an evaluation step, in which the individual takes a series of exams for aptitude, interest, ability and even hands-on experience in order to tailor the specific course of rehab. Vocational counseling is provided in order to help the individual understand their strengths and weaknesses in setting realistic goals.

There are also a myriad of support services available for those requiring vocational rehabilitation. Such services may include transportation costs, home modifications, personal care assistance for daily chores, and interpretive services for communication needs. Often, the costs of these services are either covered by the state agency or based on a financial need based structure.

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