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Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Research Paper

There are many ways to approach a research paper on Ventilator Associated Pneumonia. You can do an evidence-based practice project or a case study for a nursing course. Either way, Paper Masters can assist you on any research paper topic you have regarding ventilator associated pneumonia.

For an evidence-based practice paper on ventilator associated pneumonia, our writer suggest that you put together your project as you see below. Be sure to use at least 4 resources from the CINHAL database.

Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Research Paper:

Write a scholarly paper reflecting analysis and synthesis of your coursework and the information you've gathered on ventilator associated pneumonia. Identify an area of nursing practice to explore from an evidence-based practice perspective. The area of nursing practice chosen must meet the following criteria:

  1. Reflect independent nursing interventions and activities.
  2. Focus on patient care rather than issues related to nurses.
  3. Have a minimum of 4 published nursing research articles.

Some topics for Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Research Papers are as follows:

  1. The use of music therapy to decrease anxiety in hospitalized elderly patients
  2. Nursing strategies used to distract children during painful procedures
  3. The use of heparin versus saline to flush heplocks
  4. Teaching strategies that improve patient understanding of medication regimen

Topics such as nurses’ job satisfaction, processes of medication administration or documentation issues are not acceptable for this type of paper because they are nursing focused rather than patient focused. You should discuss your ideas with your preceptor and clinical faculty before beginning the paper. You should submit your topic and nursing research articles to your clinical faculty for approval before you begin the rest of the paper. Please share a copy of your paper with your preceptor.

General directions for writing this paper include the following:

The following areas or questions must be covered in the paper. The quality of the paper is more important than the length but it is expected that each area or question will be adequately addressed.

  1. Identify and describe the area of nursing practice that you are exploring,
  2. Describe the reasons why this area of practice was chosen to study.
    Are there issues in this area of practice? How do you know that this is an area
    that needs improvement (observation, quality improvement data, information
    from staff, preceptor, or faculty)?
  3. What were important findings from your review of the research literature?
    Identify similarities and/or differences between research findings and nursing
  4. Based on your comparison of the research findings and actual practice, would you recommend a change in practice? Explain your recommendation citing evidence from the literature review.
  5. Describe the benefits of this change in practice for patients, nurses, and the organization.
  6. Describe the risks of this change in practice for patients, nurses, and the organization.
  7. Considering your discussion of 3 - 6 above, identify specific changes in nursing practice that you would support?
  8. Identify barriers (individual, organizational, logistical, cost, time) to implementing this change in practice.
  9. Once practice is changed, how would you know if patients, nurses, and/or the organization benefited from the change? Propose one method of evaluation for patients and one method for either nurses or the organization.
  10. What else would you want to know about this area of practice? What would you, as a nurse, propose as additional areas of research related to this area of clinical practice?

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