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Use of Mathematics in the Medical Field

Below are my instructions for Use of Mathematics in the Medical Field Research Paper:

Topic:The Use of Mathematics in the Medical Field Research Paper

Can limit it to the topics having the greatest impact, imaging, simulations, etc see outline
I’m also providing a proposal(needs thesis statements, can be used as the intro maybe), and bibliography.

I would like a couple of more references in addition to the sources I am providing . You might need them for coping some equations about virtual reality etc. and simulations, I didn’t provide a whole lot of sources. In your research you may reference information from the internet, as well as other sources.

Use of Mathematics in the Medical Field

If you can, copy some equations you find which are some of the mathematics involved in the topic:

  • like MRI’s, mathematical modeling, etc, include the citation.
  • If the author(s) of the equation(s) offers an understandable explanation, (meaning that someone with a little math know-how can understand some of it), please cite this as well.
  • Please only do about 3 or 4 of these, if they are very short, about 1-5 lines.
  • I don’t want the math to bog you down.
  • Do not copy for citing more than one mathematical set of equations for each topic.

The remaining parts of the term paper can basically explain how mathematics has contributed to the medical field-(see outline and proposal.) Some history, current uses and future uses as well. You can include additional uses as well, (like robotics) if needed to make the paper the required length.

Guidelines fo Use of Mathematics in the Medical Field Research Paper:

1. Use of Mathematics in the Medical Field Term Paper Requirements:

  • 8 pages
  • list of references(Bibliography) citations as appropriate.
  • Be sure and include the normal requirements of a term paper
  • state what the thesis is
  • how you developed it
  • where the information you obtained led.

Select a topic that is appropriate to this course and suitably limited in scope. (Note that the emphasis of the course is on 20th - 21st century mathematics, although background information may go back further in history. Note also that the course is about mathematics, not computer technology, statistical methods, or mathematics education.)

You should address a single thesis (or controlling question). Organize the information into a meaningful pattern using section headings and subheadings. Suitably document all sources; be careful about plagiarism-if in doubt, cite. Address your term paper to a mathematical scholar.

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