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Research Papers on the US Military

Research papers on the US military can cover a wide range of topics. The history of the military or a specific branch can be covered. Military conquests or famous United States battles are also frequently written about by the writers at Paper Masters. The key aspect of our services is that you dictate exactly what you need and that is what we guarantee.

The US military is one of the largest, most technologically innovative armed forces in global history. In 2013, the United States government spent more than $600 billion dollars on the military. Although this dollar figure represents a decline in spending from the previous year, which had been $671. However, the US military retained a budget more than the next seven nations combined. Consisting of the following:US Military

  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • US Marine Corps
  • Coast Guard

The US military provides itself on being the most well-trained and well-armed military in the world.

The origins of the US military can be traced back to the American Revolution. By the time of the Civil War, the US military had established the military academy at West Point, and had defeated Mexico, and was about to conquer the American West. By the end of the 19th century, nationalist leaders such as Theodore Roosevelt called for a modern navy, including new, steel battleships. The US military intervened in Europe at the end of World War I, and then became the arm of an industrial superpower at the end of World War II.

The US military, today, has some 1.4 million active frontline personnel deployed around the globe. The US military accounts for both the world’s largest air force, and the world’s second largest air force, which is part of the US Navy. The US Navy also has 19 air craft carriers, as well as the Navy Seals, the world’s most elite special forces unit.

The twenty-first century American military is far removed from that of just a few decades ago. The modern technologies strategic knowledge available to the current military far surpasses those of even the Viet Nam era. There have also been many changes to the structure of the United States military. “New Age Progressiveness” in the form of increased and modernized officer professionalism has become another source of change.

The transformation of the modern United States military has been on the front line of defensive thought for nearly six years. As stated in 2002, by the now retired Vice Admiral, Arthur Cebrowski; “First and foremost, the President and the Secretary [of State have] elevated [the transformation of the United States military] to the level of strategy, and that is probably the most important lens through which we should look at transformation”.

The former Bush administration instigated four policy goals which were intended to secure the United States military intent of becoming a “deterrent force”. The first of these was “Assuring Allies and Friends”. In this strategy, the presence of the United States military in key positions around the world would instill within the minds of our allies, the feeling of safety and solidarity with the United States government. The second of these goals, “Dissuading Future Military competition”, involved arming and modernizing the United States military with the most powerful and threatening weapons available. In this way, the United States military would become the main force in the world, and through that, stop lesser nations from beginning hostile actions against any United States ally.

In this way, it has become top priority to modernize and alter the United States military into a more powerful, faster, and effective and imposing military force than the world has ever seen. There are several issues which enable this to occur. First, as seen in the creation of the United States Navy, with its great numbers of powerful vessels, it serves as a deterrent for any other country to attempt to compete.

Therefore, the United States military has entered into an era of “dissuading” other nations from instigating hostile actions. By creating and promoting the United States military as the premier and ultimate military force in the world, other nations are thought to judge the inevitable defeat as a reason to not begin hostile action.

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