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United States Immigration

This paper SAMPLE is concerning United States Immigration Research Paper:

  1. Introduction- State the problem in a short essay responding to the relevancy of the subject or its importance as a research United States Immigration. Your essay should be a general discussion of a social problem, including any reliable and significant statistics you can find. All direct ideas, quotes, and statistics must be documented.United States Immigration
  2. Literature review- Find 8 scholarly articles concerning your United States Immigration. Summarize each article, pointing out clearly what the experts on the subject have to say. If your United States Immigration is controversial, be sure to use differing opinions which present all sides of the United States Immigration. The articles you choose should represent research on the United States Immigration and not just opinion! If the article contains statistics for validation of the author's argument, be sure to point these out. Each article summary is limited to one typed page.
  3. Methodology- Relate your United States Immigration in some way to our community. Accomplish this by designing and administering at least one of the following: survey, focus group, participant observation, or secondary analysis. Provide your instrument or data and your results.
  4. Conclusions- Reach some conclusions about your specific United States Immigration and its relationship to our community. What seems to be the most problematic aspect of the United States Immigration you have examined and what do you think, if anything, needs to be done about it?

Overview of the Current Immigration Situation:

The discovery of the New World prompted the massive immigration of individuals from European countries. These early immigrants destroyed the culture and livelihood of Native Americans who were well established in the country. Over the course of United States history immigration has been encouraged or restricted depending on the needs of the Americans who took the nation by force. When labor was needed for expansion immigration was encouraged. Today, immigrants are still needed for labor purposes but are viewed in a more negative light for significantly increasing the cost of living for native and naturalized citizens.

Life for individuals during the Middle Ages was especially hard. Most individuals had no rights, property, or home to call their own. Quality of life was controlled by the landlords or rulers of particular areas. Individuals had very few options for moving up in the world or even for ensuring there would be enough food to feed their families. When Columbus discovered America individuals saw the possibility for a better way of life.

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