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Union Carbide in Bhopal Research Papers

Research papers on Union Carbide in Bhopal examine the business end of Union Carbide operations in Bhopal. Have our MBA writers custom write research or a company profile on Union Carbide.

The Indian government, in conjunction with the Union Carbide Corporation, willingly deceived the residents of Bhopal, India, to facilitate construction of a pesticide production plant that spawned the worst industrial disaster of all time and lead to the intense scrutiny of third world industrial regulation and risk management policy. Prior to the construction of the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, the agricultural economy of India was experiencing sharp increases in crop yields directly attributed to the application of pesticides for agriculture production. Understanding the need for a regional production facility, Union Carbide approached the Indian government with a proposal to construct a pesticide plant. Recognizing the economic and agricultural benefits, the Indian government approved the project and selected Bhopal as the construction site. Prior to construction, the residents of Bhopal were largely uninformed about the dangers of having a chemical plant in their backyard, being told only that the plant was safe and that they would be eligible for employment.

Union Carbide in Bhopal

Unfortunately, Union Carbide never developed a risk management plan or implemented an emergency notification system for the site before company officials left it in the hands of the Indian workers. As a result, on the night of December 2, 1984 the plant released a toxic gas mixture into the air which resulted in the immediate deaths of more than 2500 Bhopal residents. The lack of an established risk management procedure to mitigate a disaster of this magnitude also resulted in mass public confusion, a paralyzed transportation system and overwhelmed health facilities. The disaster sparked outrage within the Indian population and ultimately placed scrutiny on the role of corporate responsibility in third world countries.

This is an excellent introduction to a topic research paper. Below is a sample outline that Paper Masters’ writers could use.


  1. Introduction
  2. The Indian agricultural economy and the need for improved pest control
    1. Union Carbide and the introduction of pesticides
    2. Improved crop yields and the impact on starvation
  3. The desire to build a facility capable of producing pesticides within India’s borders
    1. Union Carbide and the Indian government
      1. Analysis of the construction proposal and propaganda for popular support
      2. Manipulation of the lower socioeconomic class and safety promotion
  4. Construction and worker training – what the Indian workers did and did not know
    1. Risk management
    2. Regulation and safety
  5. The disaster
    1. Short term analysis
    2. Long term analysis
  6. The aftermath
    1. Organizational culpability
    2. Union Carbide vs. the Indian government
    3. Public scrutiny and the desire for policy change
  7. Conclusion

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