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Two Wheel Drive Passenger Vehicle

A hypothesis you may be assigned for this research methods paper is:
"People between the ages of 25 and 45 that drive two wheel drive passenger cars are more likely to die in a motor vehicle accident than people who drive Sport utility Vehicles (SUV'S)"

  • The independant variable is the type of vehicle
  • The dependant variable is the likelihood of dying in a motor vehicle accident
  • The controls are people between the ages of 25-45.
Two Wheel Drive Passenger Vehicle

The Two Wheel Drive Passenger Vehicle Research Paper is as follows:

  1. Choose a topic for research. Identify the objectives and purpose of the research. Examples of such topics include: Salaries and Gender; Specific Program Impacts on Recidivism Among Specific Offender Populations; Needle Exchange Programs and the Spread of HIV; Zero Tolerance Drunk Driving Laws and Traffic Accidents; Divorce Rates and Law Enforcement Employment; etc.
  2. State your hypothesis.(See above)
  3. Conduct a literature review that supports the need for the research. Identify any “gaps” in the literature that the research will be filling. Constructing a literature review consists of weaving the readings you have examined into a cohesive argument within the body of the paper that supports the reason for your research project. It does not consist of giving a synopsis of each article without providing unifying context to your paper. Synopses of articles, however, can also be included at the end of your paper as an Appendix.
  4. Develop a research design and methodology. This will involve selecting a unit of analysis, dependent, independent and control variables, and an explanation of the methodological approach you will employ in the study (i.e. – experiments, surveys, secondary data, and/or field research).
  5. Identify and fully discuss all relevant ethical concerns regarding your proposed research project.
  6. Discuss your sampling methodology and sample size.
  7. Discuss your anticipated data analysis, complete with a discussion of the statistics you would like to use.
  8. Discuss the possible range of results that the study might yield? State your potential conclusions for this project.
  9. Remember to footnote throughout the paper where appropriate and include a bibliography/reference page at the end.

Structuring of the Two Wheel Drive Passenger Vehicle Research Paper:

The Problem
Is it clear and concise?
Is it narrow and researchable?
Is it a significant problem?
Is the relationship to previous research clear?

Literature Review
Is it logically organized?
Is relevant research critiqued?
Are GAPS in the knowledge identified?
Are important references included?

Theoretical Framework
Is the theory linked to the problem?
Is it forced?
Are concepts adequately defined in the paper? Don’t assume the reader knows anything.

Research Variables
Are the independent and dependant variables defined?
Are the controls identified?

Is it clear, testable and specific?
Does it describe a predicted relationship?
Is it logically be connected to the theory?

Do you have an adequate size?
Is the sample representative of the population?
Is the method chosen for sampling correct?

Research Design
Is the data collected appropriate for the study? (Surveys, field research etc.) Are the data collection instruments appropriate?
Are all measures reliable and valid?

Data Analysis
Is it clearly and logically organized?
Is the type of analysis correct for the level of measurement?
Are the statistical tests correct?

Discussion of Findings
Clearly distinguish between actual facts and interpretation.
Have the findings been tied back to the previous research? It must be tied back to where you started.
Have you identified all limitations in your research?
** Since you don’t have actual data you can say if it came out a certain way it would mean “this” or “that” or you can make up the data.
Identify recommendations for future work

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