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The Two Versions of Gigue

There are two specific versions of a Gigue which are to be studied.

View the two versions of a Gigue (“La Poste”) by Ennemond Gaultier: the first is his arrangement by lute and the second is an arrangement by Jean-Henri D’Anglebert for harpsichord. Compare and contrast the two versions of the piece. How does D’Anglebert’s differ from Gaultier’s? How do the different versions take advantage of musical characteristics of their respective instruments (lute and harpsichord)? How does D’Anglebert change the piece to suit the musical properties of the harpsichord? What specific techniques does he use? The Two Versions of GigueCan each arrangement be described as being “idomatic for its respective instrument. When referring to the music, be sure to cite specific bar and beat numbers or give musical examples within your paper. Make sure to use descriptive music definition in terms of rhythm, melody, harmony, and timbre.

The The Two Versions of Gigue paper should be a single, unified essay. Pay special attention in your introduction to state your thesis sentence clearly following with the body and ending with the conclusion summarizing and backing up you theseis. Keep in mind no single analytic system works equally well for all music. You must analyze a work against the background of its particular style (eg. Baroque period). No sources allowed from Wikkapedia. Preferred source from grovemusic.com or The New Grove Dictionary of Music 2001 ed.

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