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Research Papers on the Politics of Turkey

Research papers on the politics of Turkey look at the government and leadership of this mainly Muslim nation. Whether it is the geography of the country or the politics, Paper Masters will custom write a research project on Turkey exactly according to your specifications.

The following are a few basic facts about the politics of Turkey that you will want to include in a research paper on the country:

  • The nation of Turkey is the largest secular Muslim nation
  • Turkey is a parliamentary democratic republic
  • Turkey's politics are headed by the Prime Minister
  • There is also a President, but that office is largely ceremonial.
  • Like the United States, Turkey’s constitution spells out a separation of powers.
  • Executive power rests with the Council of Ministers.
  • The Grand National Assembly of Turkey holds legislative power, while there is also an independent judiciary. Turkey’s Politics

Conservative Politics of Turkey

Since 1950 conservative parties have dominated Turkey’s politics, including the current ruling AK Party, which has a strong Islamic base of support. The Turkish Democrat Party was the first opposition party, ending the era of one-party rule in 1950. Parties on the left of Turkey’s politics include the Republican People’s Party, which draws much of its support from the more metropolitan areas of the country.

One of the major issues dominating Turkish politics in recent years has been the significant minority of Kurds in the country’s east. The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has, at times, been labeled a terrorist organization, but the AK Party has made numerous overtures to Kurds. However, critics have charged that AK Party leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan has become increasingly authoritarian in his leadership of the nation. Erdogan served as Prime Minister for 12 years before becoming President in 2014.

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