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Course Description: Development of an individual project that reflects synthesis, integration and appllication of previously acquired knowledge. Each students submits a comprehensive, scholarly paper and provides a presentation via powerpoint.

Course Overview: Culminating project will consist of a review of selected asplect of a developing country (Turkey), an analysis of its demographic and socio-economic data, and health status, and the interrelationships among these characteristics.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss characteristic of a developing country Provide a brief history and a description of this country's geography, statehood and major industries.
  2. Describe the country size, the current population and population density, and the population size of the largest city, how the population is distributed among rural and urban areas and the population growth.
  3. Investigate the population pyramid and compare it with the profile of a developed country (Germany).
  4. Present key health statistics, the climate and infrastructure of Turkey.
  5. Present key the disease profile of the country, assess whether the country has undergone the epidemiologic transition, the impact on the healthcare system, as well as factors that contribute to the current disease profile of the country.
  6. Assess the economic situation and its historical evaluation, women's issues (discrimination, abuse) and the relationship with health.
  7. Analyze published peer-reviewed literature (journals) and propose new research avenues on socioeconomic aspects of health.
  8. Discuss ethnic groups in the country and cultural characteristics and assess the relationship between ethnic, cultural, and religious factors and health outcomes.
  9. Discuss the status of the healthcare system, particularly primary care in this country. Present relevant measures of access to care and quality of care.
  10. Discuss vaccine policy in this country and immunization programs
  11. Propose ways of imroving healthcare and immunization in this country, as well as other means of affecting health outcomes.

BREADTH: Student shall investigate available scholarly literature as well as other credible sources.

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