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Trump Nationalism

Nationalism is defined as a “range of political, social, and economic systems characterized by promoting the interests of a particular nation with the aim of gaining or maintaining self-governance, or full sovereignty over the group’s homeland.” Nationalists believe in self-governance without the interruption from outside. Nationalists believe in keeping the culture of a country the same and preserving langue, race, and religion. Nationalism and patriotism are sometimes confused. Trump NationalismWhile patriotism is pride in ones country, nationalism is not only pride in ones native country but also the belief that nothing should change in the country. Nationalism is common in European countries where long lines of lineage can be traced back to that county. In contrast it is a somewhat new phenomenon in the United States because almost everyone living in the United States cannot trace his or her family roots back to the land. Many contribute a new rise of Nationalism in the US to President Trump.

President Donald Trump used the campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.” During the election he took a nationalistic stance on many issues and platforms. He rallied votes from many white, Mid-western citizens by promising that if he became president he would fix all the countries problems by returning it to the way it used to be.

Trump continues to stand on a nationalistic platform even in issues of religion and race. Many citizens see his nationalism platform as racist and exclusive of people from different religions, cultures, sexual orientation, and women. Ultimately, Trump platforms appear to want to eliminate the diversity in the United States and create a culture where some belong and some do not.

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