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Trump Administration

The Trump Administration is one that is continually changing as President Trump tries to settle into a political agenda. Current constants in his administration include Vice President Mike Pence, the former governor of Indiana. The Secretary of State is currently Rex Tillerson, with Steven Mnuchin as the Secretary of the Treasury. The upheaval of the Trump Administration is blamed on President Trump’s lack of government or military experience and his inability to understand the way Washington, D.C. works versus a business board room.

Donald Trump’s administrative choices have been controversial, as his cabinet is filled with friends and outsiders of Washington. His choices to date have also been questioned as far as their ethical conduct. Very few people in the profession of public administration willfully break the law or otherwise conduct themselves in such manners as to harm others, themselves, or the reputation of the profession. However, a clear and focused code of ethics helps professionals to successfully negotiate ethical situations that arise and provides an expected mode of behavior that will reflect well upon the five areas of interest.

Trump Administration

Laws, policies, and regulations are not always clear or fully cover every situation because every situation cannot be readily conceived until it happens. Therefore, custodians of the policies and regulations must be able to apply them ethically and equitably. President Trump has created deep skepticism that he is able to do this with his current administration. The main problem with his administration is that he is failing to assign cabinet positions and fill positions within his administration, even long after he has been sworn in as President.

The importance of establishing an administration cannot be understated. The issues of public administration theories, research, education and practice are addressed under the same heading primarily because a review of the literature reveals that the treatment of these issues often overlap, which points to an interdependence that is often neglected teachers, practitioners and policy makers alike. In terms of the impact of a delay on the development of the Trump administration’s formation, a comprehensive investigation reveals a growing body of literature investigating not only how this has impacted public administration theory and practice but also how its response has impacted various aspects of American government, society and business including not only the safety and security of American citizens but also their civil liberties.

First and foremost, the need for a solid administration under Trump is echoed by other world leaders and many offer a framework for understanding the interdependence of these elements. For example, the complexity of issues surrounding administrative appointments affect national security and civil liberties requires that the research take an interdisciplinary approach to conceptualizing theories and practice that will effectively manage these issues. This includes using research techniques such as:

  1. The extension of traditional or otherwise narrowly defined concepts
  2. The replacement of “either or assumptions of reality” with a continuous set of variables
  3. Recognition of the fact that independent variables can operate not only through each other by also directly on the dependent variable

These techniques address the fact that public administration is often confined by the rigidity of bureaucracy and the goal of preserving the status quo. Nevertheless, the research also points to the fact that it seems that the Trump administrator feels it should be able to move beyond such confinement when it comes to operating in an new age of political rebellion, when risks cannot be effectively prepared for.

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