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Tristan and Iseult

Research papers on Tristan and Iseult begin by telling the tale of Tristan. Tristan was born the son of King Lyonnesse.  Trained in the skills of swordsmanship, he left his home at 18 to become champion to his uncle, the King Mark of Cornwall.  Knighted by Mark, he was commissioned to fight Ireland's Morold to settle a financial dispute.  Tristan and IseultTristan killed the much older Morold, but a flesh wound delivered by his sword made Tristan deathly ill.

It was determined that only Morold's niece, the fair Iseult could heal him.  And so he set off for Ireland where he took respite under her care.  Of course, he hid the truth of his identity from everyone until one day the Queen discovered his deception.  Her husband King Agwisance refused to take vengeance on Tristan for Morold's death.  His daughter Iseult was quite smitten by him and his singing and playing brought pleasure to the king. 

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