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Research Papers on Trends and Issues in Dental Hygiene

Research papers on Trends and Issues in Dental Hygiene profession are custom written at Paper Masters. Any topic on determents of health, such as oral hygiene, are frequently written on by the medical health writers at Paper Masters.

There are many topics of interest to study regarding dental hygiene. For example, your research paper may want to focus on Periodontal disease in pregnant women in connection to the low infant birth weight. The paper may also include and a focus on the access to care (dental and periodontal treatment) as one of the periodontal disease prevention factors. Remember that the goal of a paper is not just to summarize information, but to critically evaluate it.

One glance at the toothbrush selection at the grocery store would confuse anyone. Researchers in the dental field recently put toothbrushes to the test. In the journal article, “Comparison of Plaque Removing Ability of One Standard and Two Flexible-Head Toothbrushes,” the authors tested the hypothesis that flexible-head toothbrushes would remove plaque better than non-flexible-head toothbrushes. This critique will first summarize the article and previous research. The method and results will be discussed. The conclusion will be explained. Next, the article will be critiqued based on several factors. The choice of method and subjects will be reviewed. A study of her analyses will also occur. Finally, strengths and weaknesses will be detailed.

Other Items to Remember when writing the Trends and Issues in Dental Hygiene Research Paper:Trend and Issues in Dental Hygiene

  • This research paper should demonstrate the writer strong familiarity with the literature he or she cites.
  • Trends or themes must be identified according to the topic. Literature used should convincingly demonstrate his or her argument.
  • A coherent argument must be created that is centered on themes discovered in the literature.
  • This paper should provide not a summary, but a synthesis of the themes that emerged from the literature.
  • A thoughtful analysis of the themes explored in his or her paper must be provided.
  • The synthesis and analysis is grounded in the literature, and not simply a personal reflection.
  • This research paper should go beyond simply summarizing what each paper said, and instead make some sort of argument about trends or issues he or she observed.
  • Writing must be clear and engaging.

Positive dietary habits are an important factor in dental hygiene.  Also, while there may be some disagreement in the age in which independent tooth care can be adequately exercised, it is clear that with proper instruction, guidance, and levels of support, the active participation in a child’s own dental hygiene practices has a positive impact on dental health.  While it is shown in the work of Stevens that the implementation of school-based dental hygiene programs has the potential for positive results, it is my opinion that not enough focus on the development of a best model for these programs has been applied.  In contrast, I find that there are adequate recommendations for parents in the literature as to how best to implement at-home dental hygiene and also in educational methods for teaching good brushing skills to young children.

Evidence has found that manual toothbrushes are effective in removing bacterial plaque. In addition, user factors contribute to the effectiveness of a toothbrush. People who brush longer, more frequently, and with better technique remove more plaque than less skilled counterparts. Despite the vast marketing programs launched by oral hygiene companies, the effectiveness of one toothbrush design over another has not been determined. In fact, toothbrush companies base their claims on trials using robot devices or professional brushers. In 1988 a study was conducted that evaluated the effectiveness of curved-bristle toothbrushes in removing plaque. With brushing conducted by the subjects, plaque was reduced on all teeth. This study recommended these toothbrushes for geriatric patients. A similar study was conducted in 1997. It compared the plaque removing abilities of several flexible-head toothbrushes. This study followed the progress of the study group as they used one of the brushes. The flexible-head brush significantly removed more plaque than the control brushes.

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