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Trend and Issues in Dental Hygiene

The class subject is Trend and Issues in Dental Hygiene profession. This research paper will focus on the Periodontal disease in pregnant women in connection to the low infant birth weight. Paper should also include and largely focus on the access to care topic (dental and periodontal treatment) as one of the periodontal disease prevention factors. FOCUS OF THE PAPER MUST BE ON THE DENTAL HYGIENE PROFESSION IN CONNECTION TO THE PAPER TOPIC.

Trend and Issues in Dental Hygiene

The goal of the paper is not just to summarize information, but to critically evaluate it. Below is the format for Trend and Issues in Dental Hygiene Research Paper:

  • Conventions
  • APA guidelines
  • 10 pages (excluding references)
  • 12 font
  • Double spaced
  • One inch margins (all around)
  • References
  • Total of 12 references.

Other Items to Remember when writing the Trend and Issues in Dental Hygiene Research Paper:

  • This research paper should demonstrate the writer strong familiarity with the literature he or she cites.
  • Trends or themes must be identified according to the topic. Literature used should convincingly demonstrate his or her argument.
  • A coherent argument must be created that is centered on themes discovered in the literature.
  • This paper should provide not a summary, but a synthesis of the themes that emerged from the literature.
  • A thoughtful analysis of the themes explored in his or her paper must be provided.
  • The synthesis and analysis is grounded in the literature, and not simply a personal reflection.
  • This research paper should go beyond simply summarizing what each paper said, and instead make some sort of argument about trends or issues he or she observed.
  • Writing must be clear and engaging.

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