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Treatment for Narcissism

Treatment for Narcissism research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

As one of the most complex personality disorders, narcissism requires equally complex treatment methods. One of the most common forms of medical treatment is hospitalization, due to the individual’s propensity to harm themselves. Many individuals with narcissism are self-destructive or impulsive, and keeping them under medical care for a designated period of time can help them to avoid causing lasting damage to themselves or others. Treatment for NarcissismIf hospitalization is not required, individuals with narcissism can seek out group-based medical treatments, such a residential programs where their behavior can be monitored but not controlled, or routine medical checkups or meetings where physicians and other health care providers can ensure extensive support is given.

Psychosocial treatments are necessary in the long-term, however. Individual psychotherapy is found to be the most successful, as it allows the practitioner to ensure deference to the individual’s narcissistic personality. Because so many individuals with this disorder tend to ignore medical advice, thinking themselves impervious to harm or of greater value than the advice of a medical professional, individual psychotherapy can help practitioners to create an environment where this is accommodated for and taken as part of the treatment process. One has greater control of the therapeutic environment when it is just the patient and the practitioner than when it is in a group-based setting.

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