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Trail of Tears

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In the 18th century and 19th century, America claimed as its “manifest destiny” the right to control the land lying between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Traditionally, American history books told a story of courageous settlers moving westward in search of a better life. What those history books overlooked was the fact that these settlers, backed by the U.S. government, trampled on the rights Native Americans living in these territories. Trail of TearsThe settlers drove them from their land and pursued policies that led to the deaths of thousands of Native Americans. This paper will examine one of the most tragic events of the 19th century, the “Trail of Tears.”  

The “Trail of Tears,” and the unjust laws that made it possible, mark one of the darkest acts in American history. The U.S. citizens’ attitudes toward the Cherokee, and all Native Americans, is evidence of their deep prejudice against all non-white people. The American citizens’ attitudes toward the Native Americans, and the way they treated these indigenous people, would be repeated throughout the history of the country as the majority of the American people, and their government, systemically and institutionally oppressed minorities.  

Although the laws now have been righted, minorities continue to struggle against the prejudice that has its roots deep in American history. It still is unclear when the country will overcome these attitudes, and they continue to be one of the great challenges facing the country.

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