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Research Paper on the Toyota Motor Company

This is a business research paper topic suggestion on the Toyota Motor Company. It will explore whether the Toyota company is a good investment. People from every corner of the globe recognize the brand name Toyota. Arising from the humblest circumstances, the company successfully surmounted sizable obstacles to achieve its status as one of the most successful and well-known companies in the world.  The recent introduction of the highly successful Lexus luxury line paired with the consistent achievement of industry acclaim and record-breaking sales garnered by the Camry sedan appeared to have guaranteed the company a prominent place along side an elite group of seemingly invincible international corporations.  

Toyota Motor Company

However, despite the high level of success garnered by Toyota Motor Corporation in past decades, industry analysts continue to question the scope of the company’s staying power and resiliency in the midst of a potentially devastating environment produced by such factors as the Asian financial crisis and the heightening competition from the U.S. automotive industry.  

In this paper, I will present a thorough overview of the Toyota Motor Corporation. The components of my investigation will include a company history, a review of the full line of products offered by Toyota, and a detailed description of the company’s marketing strategies, channels of distribution, and pricing policies.

Toyota Motor Company Research Paper from Paper Masters

In a Business and MBA Research Paper that will analyze the Toyota motor Company answer the question: “Is the Toyota motor Company the right company to invest in?” Please be prepared to defend your recommendation on why one should invest their money into the Toyota Motor Company. To do this, include the following in your research:

  1. Brief history and description of the Toyota Motor Company – background, primary product/service offerings, customers, business sector(s), etc.
  2. Financial analysis of Toyota Motor Company – based on data provided from the last four financial reports (Annual Reports and 10Ks). (note: you must choose a publicly-traded corporation in order to be able to access this data)
  3. Report on the strengths and weaknesses of any financial trends of the Toyota Motor Company.
  4. The Toyota Motor Company’s competitors – who are they, size, background, etc.
  5. The Toyota Motor Company’s industry – what are trends in this industry?
  6. Based on your research, where do you think the Toyota Motor Company is going to be in three to five years?  To help answer this question you need to know the company as well as the industry.  Make sue you provide and support the assumptions used to project the company’s future.
  7. Recommendations – Why you are recommending your client invest in the Toyota Motor Company?

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