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Choose a Topic

Compose a 8- 10 page research paper on a topic of your choice. The subject of your paper should provide you with ample opportunities for research, since you will be required to use five to seven references to prove your thesis. In addition, you should select a dynamic topic that allows you to conduct research on multiple sides of the issue. The final paper should be formatted according to MLA guidelines.


Topic of Choice Research Paper should contain the following elements:

  1. An introduction and a thesis statement
  2. A body with supporting evidence and in-text citations
  3. A conclusion
  4. A works cited page with at least five to seven sources

Remember, this essay is different than a persuasive research essay- here you give the reader un-biased information on a topic. Your opinion does not belong- thus it will be best to choose a topic that you are neutral on or would like to learn more.

Potential Topics for Topic of Choice Research Paper:

  • Ethics in Government
    How do ethics affect leadership ability? Does a personal moral/ethics philosophy really matter when functioning as a public leader?
  • Citizenship
    How can problems of violence, poverty, cruelty, etc. by solved by citizens who seek social justice through political action? What is the importance of getting involved in communities?
  • Health Care Crisis
    What created the health care crisis? What are the problems with managed care, insurance, Medicare, Medicaid? How can the issue be solved so that the health care system is more stable and fair?
  • Gender Issues How have the basic biological and psychological differences between the sexes affected how women are treated by society? Does society still stifle and stereotype by gender and what are the problems associated with this?


Choose a Topic Research Paper Topic Suggestions