Font Conversion

All our projects are composed using Courier New font. Unfortunately, this is not negotiable due to the fact that our pricing structure is based on this font and has been for 15 years. Courier New is an accepted san serif font in all academic formats, including MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian and most others.

When your receive your project from us, you can reformat it into Times New Roman, if this is the font that is required by your institution. Here is a helpful conversion chart so that you know how many pages to order from us.

Number of Pages in TNR

Needed From Paper Masters

1 1.5
2 3
3 4
4 6
5 7
6 9
7 10
8 12
9 13
10 15

*If you need more than 10 pages, and are unsure of the conversion, please call us and we will be glad to help.