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Title IX Research Papers

Title IX research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

President Richard Nixon signed into law the Educational Amendments in 1972. One of these amendments was Title IX, which prohibited discrimination by any educational institution receiving federal funds.

Title IX

The purpose of Title IX was the following:

  1. To provide equal athletic opportunities for both men and women
  2. In reality the amendment affected mostly women, who were poorly represented in college athletics 30 years ago.
  3. The effects of Title IX are readily seen, since over the past 30 years numerous women’s varsity teams have sprung up in virtually every college, and those that were underfunded must now received the same consideration as that given to men’s sports.

The issue on which we will concentrate in any Title IX research paper is the effect on both men’s and women’s sports. Women’s sports have enjoyed a huge increase, both in numbers of teams and participants. However, much of this has come at the expense of men’s sports at many colleges and universities, where men’s sports programs, from baseball to swimming to even golf, have been eliminated. We will address this issue, as well as offer suggestions based on the literature that might offer solutions to the “reverse inequity” affecting men’s sports.

A Title IX research paper can also be an in-depth discussion of how women’s advocacy groups are pushing not just for equity in athletics, but for superiority and preference in numbers. Some outspoken advocates around the country have filed lawsuits or threatened to do so, to win their point. Meanwhile, colleges have dropped men’s sports to avoid the lawsuits and make a “gender-equity” statement. The Title IX research paper may point to many shocking examples in which men’s sports have been dropped for no good reason because of vocal interference by female advocacy groups.

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