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Tim O'Brien's "The Things They Carried"

Description: The assignment is for an annotated bibliography on Tim O'Brien's "The Things they carried"

the annotated bibliography needs to contain 8 articles

The MLA guidelines for documentation must be used

Each article entry should be single spaced, and about one or a bit more pages. A chapter from a book or essay in an edited volume of collected essays is considered an article.

Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried

Each entry should contain 3 sections:
1st section :(Headed Summary)

  1. should specify the main points of the argument
  2. demonstrate your understanding of the argument

2nd section: (Headed Analysis)

  1. should provide your analysis of the argument's strengths and weaknesses
  2. focus your analysis on the content and meaning of the argument itself
  3. Do you find it persuasive? Which part? Why or why not?

3rd section: (headed Evaluation of Usefulness /Significance)

  1. should evaluate the argument's worth.
  2. You should consider elements such as in historical import, theoretical import, critical import, and usefulness to particular audiences.
  3. Would you recommend this article? Why or why not? What is its value if any? Why and to whom?

In summation:
(An annotated bibliography on Tim O'Brien's "The Things they carried"
It needs to be undergraduate college level And it needs to be 8 pages. )

Preview of the Novel "The Things They Carried":

Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried takes the reader inside the mind of an American infantry grunt and reveals an image of the Vietnam war from many angles – all of them intimate. There are few references to any strategic or political aspects of the war. The only thing that O’Brien concerned himself with was the things that would be real to a young soldier in Vietnam -–that is, staying alive and his fellow soldier’s lives. The Things They Carried is presented as an anthology of stories representing the author’s war memoirs that are connected and share in a single theme. That theme is one of a troubled soul and chronic anguish that are the result of all the events represented within the book. The author admits that he writes of the war in hopes to come to better terms with it – twenty years after the fact. After reading his memoirs, one can understand why.

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