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Thomas Hobbes

Research papers on Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) show he was one of the first to recognize government as the creation of humans, and not the divine state of the universe.  Hobbes research papers tell of a social contract is made between individuals in order to soften the natural state, which is war.  The sovereign is the creation of the social contract.  But the best form of government is that which is most convenient to the citizens.  Thomas HobbesThe institution of the sovereign is not so much accepted by Hobbes as best or most natural, but familiar and (apparently) most convenient among humans.  Hobbes stresses the need for unity in the state, and leaves open the possibility for more than one form of government being preferred. 

In Thomas Hobbes’ research papers discuss Hobbes' Leviathan, and we are treated to the inner core of his being. He wrote this work after suffering through the English Revolution . During the war he witnessed the death and slaughter of many of his friends and he came away angry and cynical. As time went on he developed the reputation of being a bitter and angry man. His book has components of pessimism especially when it comes to the Thomas Hobbes of a higher power, namely God. Hobbes delivers several of his ideas that are derived from the atheist style with which he explains life. According to Hobbes, our senses are nothing more than the body organs reacting to outside stimuli and feelings are included in that description. Hobbes was well known for his foundational belief in the book that mankind is actually led by stupidity and not intelligent thought. He uses the book to bounce off the reader his understanding of life, which according to Hobbes, is brutally short and cruel. While his pessimistic attitude on the surface appears to be destructive, there is a political advantage to his beliefs. If political leaders go by Hobbes theory, then there should be no conscience to object to acts of war or violence because it is to be expected by our barbaric species. This pessimistic view could allow for acts of takeovers that might otherwise be tempered with good will and guilt. Unfortunately the pessimistic views of Hobbes may only go far enough to be able to act but would be stalled at that point because his followers would not have a purpose in goals and ideas beyond.

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