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In 1850, a thorn in the side of religious educators emerged with the well-written postulation of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution on where the animal and human species originated.  Evolution Research Paper TopicsThe naturalists of this era had long since asserted evolutionary theories, but not until Charles Darwin was the educational system forced to confront the challenge to Creationists.  In researching his theory of evolution, Darwin carefully collected information about natural history. He asserted that humans evolved by evolution, and explained how it occurred. According to Darwin, only those adapted to their environment survived to reproduce. He contended that the weak would die out and the fit would survive. This idea is known as natural selection. Theory of evolution ideas were carried over to other aspects of life, such as sociology and economics in the form of social Darwinism.

Given the inherent difficulties of understanding the theory of evolution, there is an impetus to find a pathway for explication that brings the ideologies of evolution into the spectrum of what can be reasonably comprehended. To this end, your theory of evolution research paper should seek to summarize the theory of evolution through the framework posed by the process of natural selection.

Evolution Research Paper Topic Suggestions

Cambrian Explosion - Cambrian Explosion research papers look at the period in Earth’s prehistory when a number of animal phyla suddenly appeared in the fossil record.

Case Studies in Evolution - You have two tasks listed below, both involving the two examples of evolution: Microevolution and Macroevolution.

Darwinism - Research papers on Darwinism look into the theories of biological evolution presented by Charles Darwin.

Darwin and Natural Descent - Of all the thousands of people who have worked on questions of biological diversity and development no one person is better known than Charles Darwin.

Darwin and Natural Selection - Research papers on Darwin and natural selection look into the theory byCharles Darwin that states that there is variation within all populations of living organisms.

Darwin's the Descent of Man - Darwin's The Descent of Man research papers from Paper Masters.

Edwards v. Aguillard - Edwards v. Aguillard term papers discuss the U.S. Supreme Court case in which the constitutionality of Louisiana law requiring schools to teach creationism was heard.

Evolution as Fact and Theory - In his essay, Evolution as Fact and Theory, Stephen Jay Gould categorizes Darwin’s theory of evolution as indeed both “fact” and “theory”.

Evolution Verses Creation - Evolution verses Creation debate is examined in custom research papers from Paper Masters.

Evolutionists - Evolutionists research papers explain the beliefs of theories of evolution started by Charles Darwin.

Evolution - Evolution research papers discuss the theories on evolutionary atmospheric conditions, recreating evolutionary microcosms, and the geographic origin of homo sapiens.

Galileo and the Grand Duchess - Galileo and the Grand Duchess research papers custom written on Galileo's teachings and the Duchess' Christina's objections.

Naturalists - Naturalists research papers discuss the scientists that work mainly in the areas of zoology or botany and examine their holistic approach to science.

Nature of Human Perception - Nature of Human Perception research papers explore the different debates about the impact and influence of perception.

Neo-Darwinism - A research paper on Neo-Darwinism discusses the modern blending of Darwin’s ideas regarding natural selection with Mendelian genetics.

Origin of the Species - Origin of the Species by Charles Darwin research papers can be custom written as if you lived during Darwin's time!

Origins of Man - Origins of Man research papers profile the beginning of mankind through DNA testing and other scientific methods.

Primate Social Behavior - Studying primate social behavior allows scientists to get a better grasp on human behavior and evolution as well.

Richard Dawkins - Richard Dawkins research papers examine the English evolutionary biologist and writer who is one of the world’s leading voices for atheism.

Survey of Living Primates - Living primates are mammals belonging to the taxonomic order “Primates.” The order contains two suborders. The first suborder is composed of Scandentia and Prosimii.

Survival of the Fittest - Darwin's Survival of the Fittest research papers in relation to social Darwinism and the theory of natural selection.

Theory of Evolution - Theory of Evolution research papers. Get help with your evolution research paper from Paper Masters.

Trends in Ecology and Evolution research papers examine the series of scientific journals, published in the United Kingdom, of a monthly publication that has become the highest-cited journal in the areas of ecology and evolutionary biology.