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Theory of Motivation

Select one theory of motivation and relate it to your personal experiences. Then, apply the motivational theory to a future experience.

You may choose from any of the theories of motivation discussed in class or in the readings, except Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. You may not use Maslow’s theory in your paper.

Structure for Theory of Motivation Research Paper:
Your written analysis should be succinct and well-written (3 pages of text, and references section).

Theory of Motivation

Below is a brief outline for the project on Theory of Motivation Research Paper:

I. Introduction
A. Describe the intent of paper and outline main ideas.
B. Briefly describe the relevant experience you selected. Include information about the context (e.g., what you did in the organization, who you reported to, what your responsibilities were) as well as any other information relevant to understanding how the theory of motivation applies to your experience.

II. The Motivational Theory
A. In your own words, clearly and completely define and describe the theory.
B. Be sure to include each element of the theory.

III. Your Experience
A. Relate the theory to a particular experience within the organization.
1. Briefly describe a particular experience within the organization.
2. Explicitly state how the experience is related to the particular theory of motivation.
C. Explicitly state whether or not the experience was motivating and why.
D. Give specific behavioral responses that resulted from the experience.

IV. Motivating Yourself
A. Now that you understand how the motivation theory was related to your experience, discuss how this theory could be applied to future experiences you will have. The idea is to use your knowledge of the theory to become more motivated in the future.
B. Give specific examples relating each aspect of the theory to a future experience.

IV. Reflection
A. Write a conclusion telling me what you learned from this exercise and how it has

Overview of Theories of Motivation:

Motivation is very important within society, especially when it involves organizations. Everyone works on a theory of motivation, what drives a person or organization to make the choices that they make. Without any kind of motivation or direction, a business or organization will not have a direction and are potentially in threat of losing business or worse. In understanding different motivations, theories, and behaviors, managers can help to direct an organization, maintain valued employees and improve overall performance, thus creating more revenue and having a positive impact on the company as a whole, thus they fulfill their own motivation.

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