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Theories and Counseling Research Papers

Research papers on theories and counseling in psychology require you to integrate what you have learned from reading about the different theories and your own basic values related to counseling. Paper Masters outlines how to write a research paper on theories and counseling on this webpage.

Write your paper SHOWING as 2nd level headers (flush left, italics) each of the following questions should be included in Theories and Counseling Research Paper.Theories and Counseling

  1. What is counseling and what are the most essential characteristics of a helping relationship?
  2. Explain in detail the key elements that you must cover in the first session with a new client and why you must cover them.
  3. After studying the various theories of counseling, which one(s) will you seek to learn more about and use in your own practice of counseling?
  4. Choose least two techniques from this theory and explain how and for what client issues you would use them for your clients in treatment.
  5. What life experience(s) of yours will help you work effectively with a wide range of clients? What are some limitations in your own life experience that might hinder your ability to understand and relate to certain clients?
  6. What client populations do you feel that you would be able to work with and why?
  7. What client populations do you feel you would NOT be able to work with and why?

An Overview of what the definition of Counseling is:

Counseling is a process by which both the counselor and the client work together to formulate solutions to problems. In most cases, counseling is a short-term proposition in which the counselor offers advice to the client based on his or her specific circumstances.

Counseling can take place in a number of realms including:

  1. Career counseling
  2. Marriage
  3. Finance
  4. Emotional problems

Psychotherapy, while often used interchangeably with counseling is a process that works specifically to uncover chronic emotional or physical pain. Psychotherapy is a type of counseling that focuses specifically on behavior and how that behavior affects the individual overall. Psychotherapy is often a more long-term proposition.

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