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Theocracy Research Papers

Research papers on the concept of a theocracy can be designed to examine any aspect of the government's relationship with religion that you need studied. Have the writers at Paper Masters use your topic on theocracy or choose from one of the topics below for your custom project:

  1. Examine a theocracy from the past and explore its success in guiding the nation.
  2. What religion is best set up to be a theocracy?
  3. Speculate on the future of a theocracy for any chosen country. Which country is currently poised to accept a theocracy?

In nearly every modern government, religious principles play some role in the determination of what is right and wrong. Judeo-Christian values of life and justice have shaped the legal codes of nations throughout the world. However, when the role of the divine becomes paramount, with the only authority coming from this higher power, the government is called a theocracy. TheocracyIn the modern era, what many might identify as a theocracy is in actuality an ecclesiocracy, wherein the church or the more abstract concept of religion is deemed the ruler. A true theocracy requires that the leader have a personal and direct connection with the divine, as seen through Moses leading the Israelites or Muhammad leading the Muslims.

It is often difficult to determine whether a true theocracy exists, or whether a ruler is simply seen as God’s chosen person. Monarchical beliefs throughout Europe, for example, often believed the ruling family were God’s chosen people, and that their king or queen was the connection between the people and their deity. However, because everything is based on faith in the unseen, it is impossible to determine if these individuals are truly worthy of their perceived role as God’s appointed one or if their claims are baseless. A general assumption that can be made about any of these types of governments, however, is that they are oligarchic in nature; because the power of the church is often restricted to a select few individuals, the power of the government is equally limited.

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