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Research Papers on the Theme of Grapes of Wrath

Paper Masters helps clarify the theme in The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck, in research papers that discuss the novel. Our writers can write on any aspect of Tom Joad's hero journey or the theme of enduring hope that the novel is famous for.

A few facts about the theme of the novel:Theme of Grapes of Wrath

  1. Hope is the main theme
  2. The hero's journey is found in Tom Joad
  3. The novel was published April 14th, 1939
  4. Steinbeck received the Pulitzer Prize for the novel

How do you start a Theme of Grapes of Wrath research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

The theme of The Grapes of Wrath is one of enduring hope.  The Joads, along with thousands of other families, set out for California with little other than an idea: the hope that California would be a better place, a paradise of land and work.  “God, they’s grapes out there, just a-hangin’ over inta the road…I’m gonna pick me a washtub full a grapes, an’ I’m gonna set in ‘em…an’ let the juice run down my pants”.

The Theme and Characters

The character, Tom Joad violates his parole by leaving the state, but he figures he stands a better chance in California than starving at home.  Jim Casey, the preacher, wants to go and listen to people, and find the truth of humanity out there with the dispossessed.  Even when they get to California and find hostility, few jobs and little of the expected paradise, these people never give up hope.  They form communities in the government camps, they travel all night on the rumor of work, and they band together to fight injustice.

Symbolism and Theme

Tom Joad becomes the symbol of the novel.  Taking over from the crucified Casey (the Christ figure), Joad becomes the conscience of the working class.  The Okies soon learn the power of organization, and Steinbeck’s flirtation with socialism enters the picture, but Tom Joad’s soliloquy—“I’ll be ever’where—wherever you look”—brings out the never–ending human spirit.  Tom Joad becomes the conscience of a nation, a voice of justice that will not quit, a source of unending hope.

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