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Testicular Cancer Research Papers

Testicular cancer research papers discuss the facts of testicular cancer for men and the psychological impacts it has on their lives. Our medical research paper writers can custom write your project on any aspect of testicular cancer.

A good topic for a research paper on testicular cancer is the psychological affects of testicular cancer in men. In order to understand the psychological impacts of testicular cancer, one must first have a rudimentary understanding of the disease, who it typically affects and its epidemiology.  According to research by Paper Masters, testicular cancer typically “strikes men between the ages of 15 and 35”.  However, our authors report that, testicular cancer tumors have been found in every age range, from birth to 89 years of age.  Despite this, however, research papers report that testicular cancer is the most prominent form of cancer found in males aged 15 through 35 and the second most prominent in males aged 35-39.  If detected early the disease can often be cured with a 100 percent success rate.  Testicular CancerHowever, because many men fail to regularly examine their testicles, detection is often prolonged until the disease has metastasized.

Testicular Cancer Not Always Reported

While many laymen may believe that testicular cancer is quite prominent, testicular cancer is only reported in one percent of all cancer cases diagnosed in men.  The American Cancer Society reports that approximately 7,500 new cases of testicular cancer are reported each year, of which approximately 400 deaths result.  Interestingly, researchers have found that over the past 75 years the incidence rate of cancer in the United States has risen more than 205 percent.  While it is not known why this has occurred, researchers speculate that environmental endocrine disrupters, genetic factors and cryptorchidism are the primary reasons for such dramatic increases.

Testicular Cancer Mostly Strikes White Males

Testicular cancer typically strike white males with the following characteristics:

  • A family history of the disease
  • Cryptorchidism
  • Klienfelter’s syndrome 

The disease is four to five times more likely to be seen in white than African American males.  While approximate 400 individuals with the disease die each year, early detection of the disease increases survival rates.  Authors report of all Stage I and II cases diagnosed in the United States, 95 percent will survive.

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