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Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy research papers illustrate that pregnancy among teenagers has become a major issue --and has been labeled as such by “experts”, teachers, parents and sociologists. Many consider teen pregnancy to be at epidemic levels, and believe teen pregnancy to be directly responsible for many of society’s “tribulations.” Almost everyone agrees that teen pregnancy is part of an epidemic of poor choices that many young girls make, and can certainly escalate into other major societal problems including drug abuse, child abuse, crime rates and failure.

Teen Pregnancy

The rate of teen pregnancy in the United States far exceeds the pregnancy rates in other countries. For example, the percentage of adolescent mothers in the United States is remarkably high compared with other industrialized nations. The teen pregnancy rate in Sweden is 35 per 1,000 girls aged 15 to 19. In Canada the same rate is 44 per 1,000. The United States, by contrast, leads all developed nations with an a rate of 96 per 1,000. Approximately 1 million teenaged girls in the United States become pregnant each year. The rate of teen pregnancy in the United States is indeed an epidemic that leads to other sociological problems such as teen drinking, teen smoking, and an increasing drop-out rate among teenage mothers. The problems are as widespread as the problem is large.

While many report that problems with drugs, smoking, drinking and crime occur following the term of pregnancy and beginning of motherhood, often these problems are the precursors to teen pregnancy. New friends, experimentation with drugs, alcohol and other substances that lower inhibitions and limitations tend to come at the onset of sexual activity for adolescents, and often signal more trouble to come for concerned parents.

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