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Technology in the Automobile Industry

The automobile industry, like almost all industries, is significantly impacted by technology.  As technologies advance, so do their applications to and usage in automobile design and manufacturing.  Although the application of technology is generally advantageous to both consumers and the automobile industry, it can also offer disadvantages or exhibit clear lack acceptance by consumers.Because technology is constantly changing, the automobile industry can be expected to change proportionately, especially in regard to the application of electronic technologies.  The tentative environment of new technology in the automobile industry therefore offers major implications for conducting successful market research and for achieving it proper application.

Technology in the Automobile Industry

Safety has become a major issue in the automobile industry, especially in regard to how technology can aid or hinder driver safety.  A recent controversy that concerns technology and automobile use that has already received major coverage and been addressed by technology includes the use of cellular phones while driving.  Because of the hazards that can arise from talking on the phone, using one hand to drive, and failing to watch the road, new technological concepts have been developed that allow automobile manufacturers to capitalize on the idea of consumer safety, a practice that is often a key element of drawing consumers.

The development and implementation of features that contribute to vehicle safety has always been a driving force in the development and application of technology in the automobile industry and although features like anti-lock brake systems and airbags may no longer be considered innovative concepts, even the most mundane aspects of automotive functionality continue to be addressed by new technologies.

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