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Teachings of Jesus

Because no one took down in shorthand what Jesus may have said, a Teachings of Jesus term paper may report that those who went about with him for a short time—if any didgo about with him—were simple, illiterate people who spoke only Aramaic. Teachings of JesusAfter the death of their master, their reaction, Augstein claims, was not to write down his words but to make up a rhyme about what happened. At least historians should be able to expect that they had good memories. What seemed right to them at the time, they turned into his lessons. They made lessons about him into lessons from him. There is thus ‘no Aramaic source about the life of Jesus’. Matthew’s Gospel, for example, was written in Greek. 

Teachings of Jesus Christ term papers maintain, however, that the Gospels have preserved enough of the words actually uttered by Jesus to give us a reasonably clear picture of his preaching and teaching. That Jesus proclaimed the kingdom of God, that he spoke in parables, that he conveyed ethical instruction, that he was a teacher of wisdom, all of this is securely grounded in real history.  Whatever is was that Jesus spoke, he was speaking words of his own, inspired by God. He was speaking words of common wisdom, or he was referring to or explication verses from the Hebrew Bible, from the Torah, or more especially the prophet Isaiah or the book of the Psalms. These would have been the material out of which Jesus created his teaching and preaching.

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