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Tactile Learning Research Papers

Tactile learning research papers explore the educational theory known as kinesthetic learning. Paper Masters' writers explain complex learning theories in custom written research papers for education majors.

Tactile learning, also known as kinesthetic, is a style of learning in which the individual learns best through physical activity, as opposed to listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations. Tactile LearningSuch learners are often called “do-ers.” Kinesthetic learning was first identified by Howard Gardner as one of his multiple intelligences, as explored in his landmark book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

Tactile Learners

It has been estimated that as much as five percent of the population are tactile learners. These people are discovery learners, and find the process of doing to be the most intellectually rewarding. Such individuals often need to move around when learning, an activity that increases understanding. During elementary years, such learners can be misunderstood, and are frequently characterized by their frustrations from the lack of opportunity to move about.

The following are common traits of tactile Learners:

  • Tactile learners are attracted to such academic pursuits as chemistry experiments, acting, and sports.
  • Tactile learners are said to have poor handwriting and be bad at spelling.
  • Tactile learners will often become bored easily at lecture and other traditional teaching methods.
  • Memory games, flash cards, field trips and role-play are often strategies that can be employed in order to reach tactile learners.
  • Tactile Learners often need frequent breaks during academic pursuits, giving them the freedom to move.
  • Tactile Learners benefit from being personally comfortable, but not necessarily sitting.

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