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Synthesis Paper

Paper Masters custom writes synthesis papers on any topic for students at any level in college.

A synthesis paper requires the student to draw upon multiple sources, generally combining summaries of other material in order to create a new, thesis-driven essay. A good synthesis paper will include the following steps:

  1. Accurately report on the sources
  2. Organize the information in a way that readers can follow
  3. Allow the reader to understand the issues in depth. A synthesis paper will demonstrate insight among works in a field of study, connections that support a particular thesis.Synthesis Paper

Often, a professor may assign a background synthesis paper during the early stages of a research project. This allows students to organize available information before a clear thesis has been created. Once a thesis has been established, the synthesis essay will allow readers to understand the gathered sources, is well organized, and clearly states where the information was gathered. All such papers should have a strong conclusion.

Upper level students, especially in the social sciences, may be asked to complete a synthesis of the literature paper. The main purpose of such an essay is to demonstrate familiarity with the literature and research in the field, thus providing the student a platform from which to offer informed opinions. As with all academic writing, the third person voice is standard, and students should avoid words such as β€œI,” or β€œme,” unless specified by the instructor.

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