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Substance Induced Anxiety

30 page(not including title page abstract and
and references pages) focused research paper with , abstract and references on Substance Induced Anxiety (a mood disorder) with onset during intoxication. Avoid having too many quotes and integrate the research (i.e., sources) in the paper.

Need an abstract for Substance Induced Anxiety Research Paper:

Follow these additional guidelines for the Substance Induced Anxiety Research Paper:Substance Induced Anxiety

1. Use the current APA format—check the APA format carefully.

2. Examine the topic from a biblical world-view using sound critical thinking in the analysis (feel free to use word studies, commentaries, etc. to support your point of view).

3. Use articles published in professional peer reviewed journals (scholarly Journals); limit the use of web-sites and general textbooks.

  • There should be a minimum of 20 references, 15 of which should be from scholarly (peer-reviewed journals).
  • Include empirical research (a minimum of 8 studies). This paper is meant to be an exercise in critical thinking. Thus, each empirical study should be examined critically with respect to issues of design, methods, subjects, conclusions, and generalizability. Integration of the research and theory in the area is expected along with general conclusions regarding the current status of the area of research.

Key Journals for Substance Induced Anxiety Research Paper:

  1. Archives of General Psychiatry
  2. Journal of Abnormal Psychology
  3. British Journal of Psychiatry
  4. American Journal of Psychiatry
  5. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disorders
  6. Psychological Medicine
  7. Psychiatry Research
  8. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica
  9. Biological Psychiatry
  10. Clinical Psychology Review
  11. Clinical Psychology Review
  12. Comprehensive Psychiatry
  13. European Archives of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences Journal of Clinical and Consulting Psychology
  14. Psychological Bulletin Molecular Psychiatry Psychiatric Genetics Neuropsychiatric Genetics Development and Psychopathology

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