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Style of Interpersonal Communication

This assignment will allow you to create a paper, which will examine how the interpersonal communication concepts we have studied and the interpersonal relationships you have experienced have influenced the development of your communication style. Your goal in this essay is to take some specific interpersonal ideas and do a self-analysis of the role they play in your communication style. You will provide information about how this role may have changed as you have developed. A second part of this paper entails how others have influenced the development of your communication. This paper is supposed to be about me, however, you can make up my personality and communication skills as you go. Also, please label each section with each corresponding letter.

Style of Interpersonal Communication

Areas to cover include:

A. Start with a title.

B. Provide an introduction where you tell me what the goal of your paper is.

C. Describe you style of interpersonal communication to me. You can choose to do this however you would like. Basically, if someone asked you to describe how you communicate, what are some of the trademark things you do that define your style? What would you say are three communication strengths and three weaknesses that you have?

D. Describe your listening skills. What specifically do you do when you listen? Are you satisfied with how you listen?

E. Interpersonally, how would you describe your nonverbal communication?

J. How do roles affect how you communicate?

K. How much of your communicator style has been influenced by your gender or culture.

M. How much of your interpersonal style is comprised of interpersonal influence or trying to get others to comply to your requests? How do you do this?

N. How is your communication different between family members, romantic relationships, and friends?

P. what do you think others perceive of you and your communication? Is this consistent with what you want? (I'm generally shy around new people) Q. What single event or person do you feel has had the greatest impact on you as a communicator? Who has most affected your communication style?

Describe the person and give the effect. Give examples of the effect in your life. How long lasting do you believe this effect will be. (My mother and father have had the biggest effect on me as a communicator and my communication style) R. Has this class had any effect on how you communicate? If so, how and why? (Say "Yes" and so on and so forth...) S. Don't forget a conclusion.

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